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Dog Genome Kit For DNA Health


  • Genome 10X scan
  • Breed (mix) Identification
  • Health conditions screen
  • Food tolerance analysis
  • Relatives search
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Meet Pawomics’ Genetics Analysis kits to understand the true needs of our best friends, with identifying their breed, DNA mutation profiles, genome and microbiome health, allowing for the  customization of diets, nutrition and care plan.

With the help of our Dog Genome Kit for DNA Health you can get an insight into your dog’s genetics, learn about his or her origin and get useful health-related pieces of information as well.

You can take the results to your vet and analyze it together. Taking a DNA sample with our at-home DNA kit is absolutely stress free for you and your dog. It’s a quick and easy process.

Learning about your dog’s DNA is always a great experience, and if you can prevent certain health issues, it’s even more useful.

About Pawomics

Pawomics is a synbiotics company that provides microbiome testing and develops prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics specifically for dogs to support digestive functions and overall health. Our work is backed by decades of research on the microbiome and genomes of dogs. Our team of experts in dog health and microbiome is dedicated to helping your dog live longer by continuously developing veterinary nutrition, supplements and drugs for our furry friends.


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